About Focus Media

We are adventure seekers, taking our viewers on all of our journeys with us. We produce exciting content as we travel around the globe looking for natural wonders and thrilling experiences.

YouTube Channel

Welcome to the channel! Stay tuned for everything camera and content creation related. Our team of media experts wants you to have the best camera experience possible. We want to take you along on our travels through the eyes of the camera.


Follow our adventures through the lens. Vlogs are posted every week, following our journey as we seek new experiences.


We want you to have an exceptional camera experience. Our team of expert videographers are here to show you how it's done.


A portion of our profits are donated to a variety of national parks and protected reservations. Donate today to become apart of the movement.


Our mission is to start a global conversation and inspire positive change. Our beautiful Earth deserves to be protected and loved.

What We Do


Follow us around the globe to see some of the worlds craziest wonders.


Watch our adventures through the lens as we document our journey.


Be apart of the Focus Media movement no matter where you are on the map.

What Our Viewers Say

Dan Johnson, Los Angeles, CA

Focus Media has inspired me to experience our world like never before. I bring my video camera everywhere now - I have a new passion for videography.

Steven Bell, Chicago, IL

I Donated to Focus Media the first day I found their channel. What they are doing to promote global conservation is just beautiful.

Raquel Owens, New Orleans, LA

I read Focus Media's weekly blogs about camera protection and maintenance to make sure my equipment is in tip top shape.

Bre Collins, New York, NY

I love Focus Media's videos. I am a lifestyle vlogger myself, and I often turn to Focus Media for inspiration and knowledge.

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